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FarmVille in real life

Plant a garden , share your progress with your friends, earn points and trade them for actual seeds.


seedmogul FAQ

What is seedmogul?

seedmogul is an online game that bridges real-world agriculture with virtual competition across a social network. seedmogul provides a fun and easy way to track your garden’s progress, log yields, and even close the feedback loop of garden automation hardware via qualitative & quantitative analysis. Points (referred to as $eeds) are earned by:

  • checking into the game regularly
  • logging your garden’s growth & sharing harvest stats
  • uploading garden pictures
  • ‘unlocking’ achievements (badges)
  • performing grow-condition experiments (must have automation hardware)
  • sharing tips/advice
  • receiving “likes” on your updates
  • recruiting new moguls from your friend lists

Once you have at least 50 $eeds, you can redeem them for REAL heirloom seeds! The leaderboards track the top producers (based on yield) and top moguls (based on # of $eeds) of various crops in different locales and the top spots on the leaderboards receive extra rewards.

Why is seedmogul?

seedmogul wants everybody to grow (plants) really, REALLY well!!! With your help, the fullest extent of “precision agriculture” is realized - a paradigm shift in the way food is grown - automatic multivariate experimentation reveals the absolute ideal conditions (temperature, humidity, light exposure, etc) on a per-species basis!

How can I participate?

You must have a facebook account and a real-world garden to play seedmogul. Creating a seedmogul account is simple - just connect your facebook account! We will never, EVER sell or divulge your personal information. All information is processed on secure servers.

What is this “garden automation hardware” about?

foodclouds LLC develops web-connected hardware utilizing a plethora of modular sensors and accessories to grow plants with as little intervention as possible. You still have to sow, transplant, and harvest your crops (we’re already working on robots to do this for you...) but watering, feeding, and even [moderate] pest management are taken care of, for good! With foodclouds, every thumb is a green thumb!

Who is seedmogul?

Luke Iseman, Heather Stewart, Rex Pechler, & James Hauk

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Time to Harvest!

Next Badges To Earn

  • Seeds Sown

    Badge earned for planting seeds in your garden.

  • Sprouts

    Points are gained by just watchingyour seeds sprout!

  • Photo of the day

    Want more seeds? Upload at least one photo a day.

  • Recipe Share

    Share recipies with your friends, help them use all their new produce.

  • First Plant planted

    Your on your way to having a way better garden than any of your friends.

  • Number of plants

    Earn points for each plant you have.

  • Sign in, get points!

    Every time you log in to seedmogul we give you points just for checking in!.

  • Share your Stats

    Stream your gardens stats straight to Facebook..

  • Recruit friends

    Get your friends on boad, earn points and show off your rockin' beds.